Hi... I am Anitha from Valasaravakkam, Chennai. I am doing my UG degree in IIT, Chennai. I used to go to college by Scooter. One fine morning around 9 a.m I am on the way to my college. The Auto man who drives his auto very fast. The auto's front tyre hit by scooter's tyre. I was slipped in the platform. Thank God...I am safe. But I got lot of injuries. My front teeth were broken. And then I had half teeth, which makes me to feel to ugly. I lost my confidence. Since Smiling is the key for every girls to boost their confidence. Then I planned to wear braces for my teeth. I visited Quality Dentistry- Dental Braces Valasaravakkam. I undergone a treatment and now I got my smile back. I thank the orthodontist in Quality Dentistry because they are too kind and treated me very polite. I got best solutions for my teeth problems.


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